Lover of ham, doggos, graphic design and of course, doodling.

Growing up in Toronto, Canada, I was that shy little kid in the corner always making arts and crafts.

I loved the idea of helping people and went to university to become an art therapist. But due to struggles with my mental health, I dropped out after one semester. Here I was creating all of these pieces to help people, but I wasn’t even helping myself! 

Feeling outcast, lost and confused, I sought professional help and continued to use art and doodling as an outlet. I also started to create custom portraits for people as gifts and they absolutely loved them.

8 years later...

Work With Abi

Why Shop Abi Doodles?

Oodles of Abi Doodles is for people who:

🎨 Want to feel emotion through art

🌎 Want to make an impact in the world

💝 Care about meaningful gifts

Every purchase donates $1 to help empower children living in shelters through the vehicle of art

Art and doodling got me through some dark times in my life. So as someone who truly believes in the power of healing and expressing through art, I love what Scribble Me Silly stands for.

They are a not-for-profit organization committed to empowering children living in family shelters through the vehicle of art. They work within each shelter, by bringing local artists and their facilitators to create an unforgettable creative experience for the kids.

Though I am not partnered with them officially, I want to used OAD to support their mission. Check out my past fundraising iniatives by clcking here.