Summer 2021 Update: Shop Profits Will Benefit Action Against Hunger

During the last quarter, I decided to donate 30% of all sales to support the anti-Asian hate movement. With your support, I was able to donate $100 ($75 from the shop and the remaining from my own) to two Canadian organizations: the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice (CCNC-SJ) and Butterfly. 

Now, from July to September I will be donating my design shop profits to Action Against Hunger Canada (AAHC). AAHC is a global humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting hunger in over 45 countries including the Philippines, Uganda, Haiti, Kenya, and Canada, to name a few. Their team of over 7,500 employees and volunteers treat acute malnutrition in impoverished communities, including providing specialized care for vulnerable groups such as those living with HIV/AIDS. 

It is important to me to support a charity that addresses hunger globally because of my family’s history. Both of my parents grew up in the Philippines where poverty is a huge issue and many families couldn’t afford to buy nutritious food. My parents shared stories of their childhood with me when I was old enough to understand and I could not imagine the person I would be today if they hadn’t. Their stories and even seeing a glimpse of it when we visited family back home in the Philippines helped me understand how important it is to have access to nutritious food and not wasting food, regardless of where they live or upbringing. 

With every purchase from my shop, I will be donating 30% of the proceeds to AAHC to aid in the fight to end global hunger. Or please consider donating directly to AAHC to help support their cause.

Humans SHOULD have basic rights and that includes access to food, among other necessities. Let’s help end global hunger together!

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